Galen E. Corey

Full stack web developer based in New York City.


A meal planning application that helps users plan efficient shopping trips and keep track of their savings. Dish'd has an extensive database of recipes with algorithms to group recipes into logical weekly meal plans. It is built with Node, PosgreSQL, Express, and Angular with D3 data visualizations.
My major contributions were writing the meal planning algorithm, implementing a DRY frontend architecture with Angular, and making the site mobile-responsive.

Pasture to Pantry

A faux e-commerce site for organic produce. Users can create a persistent shopping cart and checkout through the Stripe API. Built on Node, PosgreSQL, Express, and Angular.
Personally responsible for creating UI and views with Angular, as well as designing and writing database schemas


A language learning app for mobile. Users take photos on and use them to generate flashcards in the language of their choice. Built with Ionic.js and the Clarifai API. Currently developing Version 2, which uses a Firebase server.
Co-founder, responsible for all aspects of design and implementation.

Game of Life

A mobile version of Conway's Game of Life, featuring the face of my parents' poodle. Built with Ionic.js.


A node module that serves a wrapper for the Wikipedia API and provides data mining functionality. When called with the title of a Wikipedia article, Wikiminer returns a promise, passing through an object that contains the text of the article, the text without stop words, the most common words in the text, and the least common words
Co-founder, implemented word count algorithms and designed overall module structure.

Rhyme Game

A rhyme game built with React and React Redux with an Express server. Users are given a random word and play by coming up with as many rhymes as possible. Words and rhymes are from the Words API.

Tech Talk: Components in Angular 1.5

A tech talk on the introduction of components in Angular 1.5. I discuss how this update can be leveraged to create a more sustainable project architecture and ease the transition to Angular 2.

Project Presentation: Dish'd

A group presentation of Dish'd for students and instructors at Grace Hopper and Fullstack Academy.

Project Presentation: LingoTag

A presentation of LingoTag for a Hackathon at Grace Hopper Academy.

Featured Blog Posts

Rotating a Matrix (with Gifs!)

I was having a lovely time working through the Arrays and Strings section of Cracking the Coding Interview until I reached this problem: Rotate Matrix: Given an image represented by an NxN matrix** … write a method to rotate the image by 90 degrees. Can you do this in place? This is a deceptively tricky problem, and I had to draw quite a few diagrams in order to understand it. Let’s walk through it.

The 6 Coolest Things About ES6

ECMAScript 6 is the most recent update to JavaScript. Most of its features can be called “sugar”, things that don’t change the underlying processes or structure of Javascript, but make your code cleaner, easier to read, and more similar to code written in other common programming languages. Many browsers haven’t adapted to ES6 yet, but here are a few features that are already changing the way I write code, complete with examples.

An Illustrated Metaphor for HTTP

Complicated concepts are often best explained in metaphor, so I’m taking a shot here at explaining Hypertext Transfer Protocol through a childhood experience.

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